Tiger Woods, Million Dollar Sponsors and Visualization For Weight Loss

Do you think Tiger Woods uses visualization? It would be a very hard argument to say No. Prior to his recent off-course challenges (although as much as he loves golf I would bet that some of his off-course excursions were actually on the course if you get my drift), the certainty and confidence that he brings to the game is an obvious indicator that he ABSOLUTELY uses visualization for success. Not to mention that he has exclaimed it many times.

A fan once shouted from the gallery: “Tiger, I would do anything to hit a golf ball the way you do!”. Tiger commented back: “What?! You would never do one tenth of what I do to hit a golf ball like I do. You wouldn’t get up at 5am everyday to hit 300 balls before breakfast, you wouldn’t putt a thousand times a day, you wouldn’t stand in the rain for hours trying to hit a bunker shot, you wouldn’t spend endless hours, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year focusing solely on golf. You may dream about hitting a golf ball like I do, but the success comes from the work I put in to ensure my success”

The sponsors are starting to put their stake in the ground as the saga builds and Tiger remains silent on private matters. Accenture is a leading consulting company that is not looking for street credibility or sport fan credibility – they want credibility in the boardroom and in the Fortune 500. Accenture was only second to Gillette that Tiger was being pulled; it would have served their ‘leadership’ image better if they would have been a clear first. Gatorade actually gets the node for being the first to pull him but they, knowing they do need the sports fan, claimed it was a pre-transgression revelation decision…and it probably was. Congrats to Upper Deck for being the first big Tiger Sponsor to say that they would be standing by their man.

Ultimately, I think sports fans will respect their decision. Sure, his favorability polls are way down – cited as an ‘unprecedented fall in favorability’ in USA Today this week. That makes sense, but most sports fans see Tiger as a golfer and not as the role model for https://gosolo.subkit.com/lindy-health/ being a perfect husband. If you have ever seen Tiger Woods on the course, you know that attractive women are swooning him at every turn. And if you are so naïve to think this is rare in the world of sports, you should follow your favorite baseball team on a road trip sometime and just sit in their hotel lobby (or better yet the rear kitchen entrance) for a couple of hours. Or, you could just read one of the many tired, old baseball-wives’ books.

And this is not limited to golf and baseball. The Bible states that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle, than it is for a rich man to get into heaven. Of course, study has revealed that the ‘eye of the needle’ was a gateway for camels to lean under when entering the city gates (to limit traders to only a day’s worth of goods); so the rich do have a good chance yet. But, back to my point, this is not a golf or baseball thing. It is a money, travel and access thing. As the entertainer Chris Rock humorously points out: “Men are only as faithful as their options”. While I personally do not prescribe to his extreme stance; he does make an interesting point. So while Tiger may be in the dog house, he will come out a Tiger again one day, do something magical, and we will all move on to the next news story.